Tuesday, 5 January 2010

new year resolutions

If I was the type of bloke to do new year resolutions (I'm not), I'd set myself up for a fall by perhaps resolving:
  • to post shorter articles on the blog
  • to cultivate and exibit humility
  • to know my own limitations as a reader and blogger
  • to reign in my martial impulses
  • to avoid "ready, shoot, aim" blogging, i.e. make sure I understand an argument before I criticise it
  • (related to the above) to be less dogmatic on an issue if I've only read one side of the argument (even if that argument seems compelling)
  • to listen a lot more to "balanced" Christian leaders e.g. John Stott, John Frame, D.A. Carson
  • to avoid unnecessary alienating rhetoric
  • to avoid reactionary theology, i.e. just because I let go of a former cherished belief, don't swing too far in the opposite direction
  • to stop eating rubbish (I mean sugary foods - not refuse)
  • to exercise more
  • to sleep more
  • to be more patient with my children
  • to read more bible
  • to memorise more bible
  • to find a job less draining than (maths) teaching
Thankfully, I'm not in the resolution business.


Fiona said...

Become that man - you've only broken the first one so far.

Donald Ferguson said...

I would like to plagerise your list and only take out one word 'maths'.

Nick Mackison said...

Donald, glad someone else feels my pain. Answering stupid questions for a living can be wearing.