Tuesday, 8 December 2009

why blogs fail

Lutheran pastor and Executive Director of Editorial Division at Concordia Publishing House, Paul T. McCain, offers some penetrating insights as to why some blogs fail. More than once I had the sense that he'd been reading the rubbish here before he decided to vent! A couple of reasons offered are:
They offer little more than constant axe-grinding and carping on a particular subject. This is one of the more spectacular ways blogs qualify for “epic fails.” I’ve seen it over and over again. If a blog site is nothing but a litany of rants, whines and complaints, particularly about one given topic, they generally dwindle away after the temper-tantrum is over and the emotional zeal wears thin. Now, this is not to say a blog devoted to a broad social concern is not going to work, and it may often be offering critiques. What I have in mind here are blogs that come off as whining. I’ve not seen many of these blogs stay around for long.

....They lack focus and purpose. Blogs that do not pick up and run with a main theme or interest tend to die a slow death. An initial enthusiasm for blogging, with frequent posts, slowly fades as the person struggles to know what to say. A sure symptom of impending demise are the posts that begin, “Well, I have not posted anything for a while…” or “Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted something.” If a blog does not have a unifying “meta narrative” or does not understand what its niche is, it will fizzle.
Since I discovered Paul's blog, CyberBrethren, it has become one of my daily clicks. It has certainly helped inform this previously ignorant Reformed-ish blogger on all things Lutheran.

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