Wednesday, 11 November 2009

apologetics - words or life?

Mike Horton comments on the demise of apologetics.

'Apologetics has a place in every Christian's life, but ministers should have a more specialized knowledge of it. Ministers are called to proclaim the gospel in a way that is distinct from the calling that every Christian has to be a witness. This means that they need special training for that vocation. It's really amazing how many seminaries, including evangelical ones, are now doing without apologetics. There seems to be an anti-apologetic mood around at the moment. I suspect that part of it has to do with a retreat from the confidence of modernism (the ‘I have all the answers’ approach) to postmodernism's more sceptical attitude toward people like that. Nowadays, a lot of people are saying non-Christians don't want people coming to them with a lot of arguments. They want people to come to them and show them a Christlike life.'

The last two sentences highlight the false antitheses we evangelicals seem to so often adopt. Christian apologetics consist not of 'faith arguments or Christlikeness' but 'faith arguments AND Christlikeness.'

Horton of course agrees with this.

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