Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The NIV Is Dead - Long Live The NIV!

Astonishing news as Biblica (formerly the International Bible Society) has announced that the text of the NIV is to be updated after almost a quarter of a century. The revision will be completed by 2010 and will be published in 2011. As of that time the 1984 edition NIV and the TNIV will be discontinued and the new publication, to be called simply The NIV, will take centre stage.

What will the new translation look like? Ted Olson's article in Christianity Today quotes Doug Moo, president of the CBT:
"I can predict that this is going to look 90 percent or more what the 1984 NIV looks like and 95 percent what the TNIV looks like," he said. "The changes are going to be a very small portion of the whole Scripture package."
If I were a betting man, I reckon the new translation will look a lot like the present TNIV, gender-inclusive/accurate language and all. It's a shame that the IBS didn't just replace the NIV with the TNIV back in 2005.

The Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) has set up a website: in order to provide a forum where suggestions for revisions can be made by scholars and laymen alike. All suggestions made before the end of the calendar year will be reviewed.

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