Sunday, 27 September 2009

First Things

You are a Christian leader of indeterminate age. You realise that your responsibility to lead is almost over and you must shortly pass the baton of responsibility to a new generation.

What, in a few sentences, is the counsel you give to the ensuing incumbents?

Correct answers will be rewarded in heaven.


David Shedden said...

For the last ten or twenty years I have been teaching and being an example, so I would not need to say much at all... I would have already prepared my younger colleagues for my retirement... "Keep going... you've got my ear if you ever need it."

Of course, John, I am now more than fully persuaded of the absolute requirement for a true plurality of strategic pastoral leadership within local congregations/fellowships over a certain size. So your question is slightly redundant...things should carry on as normal whenever one leader decides his time is up.

JohnGreenview said...


Good to hear from you.

Some reward due for this advice I'm sure.