Monday, 17 August 2009

New Team Bloggers

I am delighted to welcome John Thomson and Donald Ferguson to Restless and Reforming. John has had a massive influence in shaping a generation of Glasgow men in the way of biblical theological word ministry. He formerly taught English in Glasgow secondary schools before retiring to make a general nuisance of himself. Along the way, John preached hundreds of sermons in Glasgow's brethren churches and provided leadership rooted in Scripture. To get some idea of John's NT pedigree, read him taking some scholarly guys to the woodshed here (posting under JohnGreenview - Greenview is the meaningless name of our church). I've never met a layman with such understanding of Scripture . Did I mention he's a nuisance?

Donald Ferguson is someone I have gotten to know fairly recently, despite attending the same church for years. He has a brain the size of a hot air balloon and he loves the gospel of the reformation. Both guys would eat me for breakfast, so it's a delight to be posting alongside them.

Sadly, Dave Shedden needs some time out from the blogosphere, although I'm hopeful he'll return soon.

Watch out for big changes coming to RandR in the near future.


JohnGreenview said...

I have just read Nicky's intro about me. I found my sinful nature wished to linger but honesty (not modesty) requires me to say most is kindly but grossly exaggerated, except perhaps the nuisance bit.

As for Donald - well I recognise the hot air bit.

Donald Ferguson said...

I thought about using a hot air balloon as my photo but decided to go for something more life like. As for John – I am sure that that he views the £50 he slipped Nicky as money well spent.