Friday, 17 July 2009

Is the NLT Suitable for Preaching?

A pastor in Tennessee reckons it is (here and here). I'd be interested to hear other thoughts on this.

HT: NLT Blog


Anonymous said...

Ultimately, I'm not sure I mind what someone preaches from, as long as I believe that they have used more than one translation in their preparation. And they shouldn't hinge their sermons on particular words in a particular translation.

For the past decade or so, I've been reading the NRSV, which was recommended to my by my NT Greek teacher as being a reasonable word-for-word translation that was good for studying Greek from. However, in prep I tend to look in whatever I can find - usually NRSV, New Jerusalem, The Message, NIV, ESV and KJV. I'm currently debating moving to the ESV - it seems to be popular.

Nick Mackison said...

I like the NRSV as well. The ESV is popular and I've pondered over whether I should make it my main memorising bible. The problem is I read so many translations I rarely memorise anything these days.