Monday, 13 July 2009

Britain, Paedos and Michael Jackson

I read the following by Richard Littlejohn in yesterday's Daily Mail:

Watch out, watch out, Paedos About!

Britain is in the grip of advanced paedomania, spying kiddie-fiddlers round every corner.

In department stores at Christmas, children are not allowed to sit on Santa's knee, because of the risk that he might not be able to resist the urge to touch them up.

This week there has been another reminder that teachers aren't permitted to rub sun-screen lotion onto their pupils' faces and arms, despite the constant propaganda about taking the proper precautions to avoid skin cancer.

Mustn't risk any 'inappropriate' contact.

In Devon, mums and dads are stopped from taking pictures at their children's sports day, just in case the photos turn up on the internet inflaming the passions of those who would like to see the age of consent lowered to six months.

And in Bedfordshire, adults are banned from a school sports day altogether over fears that a child might be abducted by an undercover paedo posing as a parent. Can't be too careful.

At the same time the world has been busy deifying a 50-year-old pederast pop star, who built a paedophile's playground in his back garden and was famous for enjoying 'sleep-overs' with prepubescent children.

Am I missing something?

(PS: To my American friends, if you're ever talking about a "paedo" to a Brit, they won't think you're describing someone who believes in infant baptism)
(PPS another interesting article on Wacko here HT: Carl Trueman)


Anonymous said...

Sadly, that is only the second article I have read that says anything about the aberrant morality of Michael Jackson.

It is truly sad how much we want to hold on to children and some form of civility and yet let people 'live their lifestyle.'

Underground Man said...

Love the title of this article.