Tuesday, 2 June 2009

"...horrified and appalled..."

It's not just the anti-gay Church of Scotland ministers who are angry.

I'll mail penny chews to every preacher who uses the phrase "horrified and appalled" in their next sermon... as long as you promise not to die of embarrassment before receiving your reward.

Go on Revs... get your knickers in a twist for me. Quickly, please, before the whole nation sinks into the mud and mire.

While you all do that I might start using another word more often. Pathetic.

HT: Dave Slater


Nick Mackison said...

That was an interesting sermon from Rev (ahem) Gillian. I don't notice much in the apostolic writings by way of statistical analyses of societal evils.

She says there'd be no CofS without woman ministers. I would argue that would be just as well, given what her 'church' preaches.

Jenny said...

Shed! I didn't know you were back to blogging.