Thursday, 11 June 2009

Damage Limitation

Times they are a changing.

In other news I realised overnight that Genesis 1-3 teaches that God is cool. God creates... God orders... God oversees... God loves... the world. These will be the headings in the first of a series of talks I am giving next weekend. The gospel in Genesis 1-3. God Humanity and Jesus. I never tire of something Sinclair Ferguson once said... the Bible is basically a footnote to Genesis 3:15. Should be an exciting couple of days sharing this message with a (God is) cool group of 18-26 year olds.

Question: In the story of Genesis meat only becomes a permissible food late in the pre-history of humanity. It appears that the original model was that we should eat shoots and leaves and nuts and stuff. So why does meat taste so good? I think I know the theological answer... will share it later.

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