Thursday, 28 May 2009

Response to Nick's post "The Kirk - An Outsider Looking In"

For the avoidance of doubt the views in the post "The Kirk - An Outsider Looking In" are the views of the one and only Mr Nicky Mackison.

I remain under the authority of three courts of the Church of Scotland, one Council of the Church of Scotland, and I have a duty to respect those authorities as far as I am able to in good conscience. When I became a candidate for ministry in the Church of Scotland in 2004 I signed a document promising to uphold the laws of the church. Strangely none of my colleagues remember having to do this.

Perhaps I just have a better memory than they do, but I have at least one conspiracy theory to explain the anomaly. At least one of my placement supervisors was astonished that candidate ministers had to make promises that no minister would willingly make, and make those promises without any of the privileges of office.

I trust that my association with this blog will not be taken as a breach of my respect for all proper authority. I will not comment or reply to the substance of Nicky's post for fear of doing just that, namely, defy the will of the General Assembly by commenting in public on the Scott Rennie case. I believe that all my recent blog posts and comments related to the Church of Scotland have discussed matters of principle rather than the specifics of the relevant General Assembly debates this year.

If anyone has any concerns I will correspond privately by email. This is not an easy time to be part of the Church of Scotland.

David Shedden

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