Thursday, 21 May 2009

The HCSB - Some suggestions

The HCSB, if it is to prize the mantle from the NIV as the modern 'authorized version' must get a serious marketing makeover. Among other things the following might help:
  1. Get some decent endorsements from respected scholars. Go across the spectrum and get some Reformed guys, Lutheran guys, Baptist guys, Methodist guys etc.
  2. De-capitalise pronouns relating to deity. Nuff said.
  3. The Bible Experience is simply the greatest audio offering of the bible anywhere. B&H should commission a recording of comparative quality and sell it as a dirt cheap download. The opposition would be on its knees.
  4. Have anglicised text so that us Brits get to feel honoured, not honored. We are a sensitive bunch.
  5. Get a good blog. The NLT and ESV have good blogs, the HCSB is superior to both, so it should have a spiffing website letting us know why.
  6. Sponsor some podcasts. The White Horse Inn would be a start. It is a program with an eclectic mix of confessional protestants. Such a move would put to bed the mis-conception of the HCSB as a baptist bible.
  7. Drop the 'H' from the HCSB. Can you imagine a Zondervan Standard Version? The CSB is a good name; why not use it?
  8. Commission a variety of editions. On the classy side, have some tasty goatskin/calfskin/pig skin, etc. On the cutting edge side, do something like the Books of the Bible and have a bible without chapters and verses. Have some tasty wee hard backs too with single column text and san-serif font. Heck, talk to this guy.

Here endeth the marketing lesson.

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