Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Church of Scotland

Carl Trueman thinks the CofS is doing too little too late in its opposition to gay ordination here.

Michael Bird thinks Trueman is undermining the good evangelical efforts in the CofS here.

Darryl Hart agrees with Carl Trueman here.

Phil Ryken disagrees with Carl Trueman here.

Scott Clark agrees with Carl Trueman here.

Carl Trueman agrees with Carl Trueman here.

Nick Mackison agrees with Carl Trueman, but that's about as (in)consequential as a fart in a tornado.


Danny said...

And Nick Mackison usually makes me laugh just when I am in danger of taking something too seriously :-)

Great summary of the blogging world debate on this issue... and for the record Danny agrees with Carl Trueman... and so will not bother blogging on this after all... she will have a large glass of wine instead!!

Anonymous said...

Having grown up in tornado country and having survived the great (really!) Omaha tornado of '75 I'm LOL.