Saturday, 30 May 2009

Is Condemning Homosexual Practice Analogous to Racism?

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HT: John Thomson


steve said...

What I don’t get is why these things have to be so complicated. Does homosexuality violate natural law? Yes. So does lots of stuff. But the tortured analysis of these things still comes off as having an agenda against a very particular group.

I am particularly bothered by old-fashioned fornication. But I can’t imagine going around parsing all the sciences to make my case. It would seem to me that I was oddly focused on fornicators for some reason, wanting to socially, culturally, politically and legislatively punish them. I have no such need.

Nick Mackison said...

Yo Steve, what's occurin?

My post is somewhat topical, given the furore in the Kirk. The bloke who wrote it is also an Anglican facing these arguments (i.e. condemning homosexual practise is like racism) from within the covenant community.

It's quite topical and not a random attack on society per se, but a defense against an attack from within.

steve said...

Racism is that universal evil everyone loves to use against their opponents. Pro-lifers (like John Piper) love to use it to show how to be pro-choice is the same enslaving Kunte Kinte or stuffing Jews into ovens. Pretty shameful, if you ask me.

It's pretty laughable that condemning homosexuality is also the same as being racist. Unfortunately, though, those who rightly maintain that homosexual behavior is contra natural law also tend very often to fall into some form of homophobic device or another.

Nick Mackison said...

I agree. It has become a bit of an obsession in some quarters.

And re racism, the NPP has made that THE defining sin of the Jews as opposed to self-righteousness. How zeitgeisty is that?!