Saturday, 4 April 2009


I had a weird experience today when I saw an old man in Glasgow city centre preaching the gospel while two young associates handed out tracts. It seemed like a blast from the past. In this super tolerant (neo-fascist) age in which we live, it was almost bizarre to hear a preacher publicly challenging passers-by on matters of eternity. So I decided to speak to him and encourage him.

"What church are you from?" I asked.

"We're not from any church. We meet in my living room." he replied. (Cue alarm bells) "Just make sure you stay away from these happy clappy churches."

"Yes, they encourage emotionalism as opposed to true spirituality." I remarked.

"Worse than that." he replied. "A young man approached me this week. He said he'd been to Church X (name blanked out) and that they'd laid their hands on him to receive the gifts of the Spirit. Since having this experience, he'd started hearing voices in his head. The voices were telling him to cut his wrists. He pulled back these fluffy wrist bands and showed me his scarred wrists. I told him he had a demon. When he asked me to cast it out, I told him I didn't possess apostolic power and could only pray for him. I told him to leave the charismatic church and find a good one."

Maybe having church in his own living room isn't so crazy after all!

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