Saturday, 4 April 2009


I need an answer to the following questions before tomorrow evening:

Why should we follow a king who rides on a donkey to his death? Could anything be less cool than that? Could anything be more ridiculous than that? That’s what Jesus did, and he expected that his followers would live similar uncool ridiculous lives.

How do you sell that to non-followers, to non-Christians, especially men?


maddog said...

You don't sell it. You preach the Gospel and allow the Holy Spirit to work God's will, whatever it may be. The cross (not just the donkey) is foolishness to those who don't believe, but it is the power of God to salvation to those who do.

David Shedden said...

Thanks maddog. But what does it mean to preach it? You still haven't answered my questions.

JohnGreenview said...

You proclaim/announce/inform that the one who entered Jerusalem on a donkey was their expected Messiah - their King and the King who would be King over every Kingdom. God's King.

You explain that the entry on a donkey was one signal among many that this King and his kingdom was unlike any other Kingdom - it was born out of humility, non-aggression, weakness and ultimately the death of the King.

All who belong to this kingdom will be lamb-lions; servant Kings, dying to live.

I know you know all this but I enjoyed writing it anyway.

JohnGreenview said...


It is uncool. Now you know how Jeremiah felt when he preached capitulation and non-resistance to the invading army.

JohnGreenview said...

The macho self assertive age needs to ask the question - has aggression ever brought lasting peace. It may contain evil but it never destroys it. A Kingdom founded on self-giving righteousness is one our age needs to consider.

maddog said...

Acts 2:22-24; 32-33; 38-40. If nothing else, quote these verses verbatim. Preaching the Gospel doesn't get more basic than that. There is no way you can package, contextualize, polish, or in any other way prop up the simple message of the Gospel that will make it look cool to anyone not moved by the Holy Spirit.

Making people of today understand that riding a donkey into a city in that day was a sign of kingship and authority is nigh unto impossible. There is no way to show people how cool the King of kings was/is without pointing them to the cross and the tomb. Jesus the King rode to his death for their/our sake, not that he would look cool, but that he would redeem us from our perpetual desire to always be cool in the eyes of the world (among all our other sins).

Danny said...

The Bible is full of people being seriously uncool in their place and time for God's or for Jesus' sake... so why should we (whatever our gender) be any different? Following Jesus is not cool... being a Christian is not cool and we just have to suck it up.

The gospel ... the donkey part or any part... will always be foolishness to those who do don't yet believe... and if it seems foolish to those of us who do profess faith then maybe we need to re-examine what it is we actually believe and who this King is that we claim to follow and serve.

Not too helpful I know, but you put your finger on it in an earlier post... we are pilgrims and pariah's in a 'world' which would rather not think about a king who comes to his kingdom riding a donkey ... a king whose ultimate expression of his power was to die a criminals' death on a rubbish heap outside a city wall.

JohnGreenview said...


Like your comments (and maddog's too). I notice that we share at some common likes on TV progs etc. How can that be with you a C of S minister and me a Brethren Boy?

Both West of Scotland too.

Danny said...

Ah John... I have only been a CoS Minister for 10 weeks... I have spent the 46 previous years of my life being other things in other places and in different kinds of churches :-)