Monday, 9 March 2009

Shai Linne - The Atonement

Have you ever heard someone rap about the covenant of works?! I have. Recently I downloaded Shai Linne's album The Atonement and I don't have enough superlatives to describe it. If I told you that I was listening to rap by a Christian guy, what would spring to mind? Normally, you would picture a bunch of middle class white guys bustin' some moves and rappin' about hard knocks and how much they love 'the J man'. It's enough to make you cringe so bad you could pick up a needle with your ass-cheeks.

Shai Linne is a different kettle of fish. For once I'm listening to music by a Christian that is genuinely good. (I'm not calling it 'Christian music' by the way. So often the prefix 'Christian' is a euphemism for crap. It's also a mistaken theology of the two kingdoms which says we must have 'Christian' music, or redeem music for God etc. All music is good by virtue of creation. Crap production and spiritual lyrics don't make it any more Christian.)

The Atonement is a concept album charting the imputation of Adam's sin (yes, he raps about the imputation of Adam's sin and tells those who think it isn't fair to shut up) to the resurrection of Christ and the church. I never thought I'd hear reformed rapping, never mind brilliant reformed rapping.

I've never listened to music that preached the gospel to me and applied it warmly and with a challenge til I listened to this. You really have to hear it for yourself. Let me make a bold statement, it's the best 'Christian' stuff I've ever heard.


DJ Chill said...

Shai Linne is a excellent rapper who talks about subject not a lot of christian talk about anymore and it's the atonement. He does it in a clever but cool way and you can learn more listening to this album than you will in a weekly binle study for a year. So i advice all you to go out and get it listen to it and share it with the young people in the your life they will love it.

DJ Chill said...

I love this album i'm a christian dj and this is one that i keep in high rotation. I also play it as much as i can. I have fallen more in love with Christ listening to this album. This album will teach you more in a hour than you will learn in a year of studying the atonement. Get this album and pass it on to a young person they will love it.