Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Good Verse

Praise to the Holiest in the height,
and in the depth be praise;
in all His words most wonderful;
most sure in all His ways.

O loving wisdom of our God!
when all was sin and shame,
a second Adam to the fight,
and to the rescue came.


Here is the context.


JohnGreenview said...

Written, I believe by a Protestant who became Roman Catholic.

Nick Mackison said...

That is some crazy RC mumbo jumbo.

David Shedden said...

Dear fellows, for my apologia, you must read this(III and V especially) http://www.tristan.icom43.net/quartets/gidding.html

Nicky, beware, it's modernist anglo-catholic Protestant mumbo jumbo.

Danny said...

I love Little Gidding... Eliot rocks and V is the best bit. Everyone should read a good bit of modernist anglo-catholic Protestant mumbo jumbo (preferably written by a tortured transatlantic soul) from time to time :-)