Monday, 23 February 2009

Which Catechism?

The missus and I are contemplating memorising a catechism together. I'm thinking of the WSC. Is that a wise choice? Are there any others my Reformed buddies could recommend?


Dougie said...

How about the bible? That's quite handy to memorise.

Steven Carr said...


The WSC would be my first choice. I am actually re-memorizing it right now.
My second choice would be the Heidelberg Catechism. Dr. Clark might tell you to go for the Heidelberg catechism first, but since he's URC and therefore biased, he doesn't count. :)

Nick Mackison said...

Cheers Steven.

Mark said...

Heidelberg Catechism would be my first choice, but then again, that's mostly because, being Dutch and such, I'm much more familier with it than with the WSC. Buth both will problably do.

Anonymous said...


From a pragmatic point of view, WSC Q&A 1 is shorter than the Heidelberg so may be a nice start for learning a catechism.

(The first q&a for the Heidelberg is just brilliant though.)

Also, you're Scottish. WSC all the way.

David Shedden said...

I'm with Dougie here. Teach yourself Scripture.

Teach the kids a simple catechism, perhaps even write one yourself using Sinclair Ferguson's books for children published, by Christian Focus, as a guide? You'll soon know it yourself too.

Nick Mackison said...

Shed, I like the suggestion regarding Sinclair Ferguson. I just find Dougie's well intentioned suggestion pretty naive for a few reasons.

It assumes that "me and my bible" is all I need. I disagree. All heretics quote Scripture. Evangelicalism's abuse of sola scriptura has turned loose thousands of little popes with their own take.

It also assumes an either/or distinction, Scripture or catechism. Can't I have both? Who says I'm not memorising Scripture already?

Third, it assumes that the confessions are unbiblical. It is precisely because they ARE biblical I want to memorise them.