Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Moo on hell

A curious statment from Doug Moo on hell. My friend John Thomson sent me the following email:

"In a footnote comment on Ch1:20 'Christ reconciling all things' in his recent commentary on Colossians (pillar series) Moo writes the following: 'The implications of this reconciliation for unbelievers is not entirely clear from Scripture... Scripture... forbids us from concluding...that all unbelievers will be 'saved'. Nor is the idea that that unbelievers will one day be annihilated a biblical concept. Perhaps, however, we might tentatively think that reconciliation will mean that that unbelievers will themselves, through suffering the torments of hell, nevertheless cease to sin and express remorse for their sin?'Wow! Is this an evangelical purgatory? How can sinners, hostile to God cease to sin? Will God leave sinless people in hell? Is this unfounded speculation or what?"

I'm hesitant to take on the great man. If Carlsberg made NT scholars, they'd make Doug Moo. I can see the attraction in this redemptive view of hell, yet it just doesn't sound quite right.


Gordon Cheng said...

Yeah, unfounded, and against the tenor of verses such as Rev 16:11.

Though it would be nice if everyone was saved and we shouldn't blame Moo for wanting something like that to happen.

Nick Mackison said...

Gordon, I agree. Rev 16:11 and other passages hint that the wicked continue to sin and incur punishment in hell for eternity.

Nevertheless, it's obvious that Moo is a top class NT scholar. Not many can touch him. When he speaks, I usually listen, although in this instance, he's way off.