Friday, 2 January 2009

Just a Bible Thought: No 1

Because of my consistent failure to keep reading through a yearly Bible plan, my knowledge of the O.T. prophets is poor. So this new year I've decided to start with Isaiah, in the hope I get through the prophets while I'm still on a roll.

Part of my reading this morning was Isaiah chapter 3. A difficult text, because it is full of stuff that reads a lot like anti-female rhetoric. I imagine many commentators have used the text to illustrate the Bible's oppression of women.

I considered, and imagined myself listening to a paper on Isaiah 3's victimisation of the female at the hands of the male. How would I respond? How could I answer the charge that this scriptural text was loaded with hate towards the fairer sex?

Isa 3:25 helped me understand. I realised that the chapter hardly mentions the men. They are largely absent. They ain't around to suffer what the women suffer. Because they are no more. In Isaiah 3 the men have largely been slaughtered.

Just a Bible Thought: No 1 - Never assume that all is well with those types and characters hidden within a story.

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