Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Believer's Circumcision

I'm wrestling with issues like the unity of the covenant, infant-baptism, etc. You know what, it's true that many of the arguments levelled against infant-baptism could be used against infant-circumcision. Imagine a group of Israelites practising believer's circumcision (ouch!) drawing up the following confession:

"As believer's in craedo-circumcision, we affirm the following:

a. That circumcision seals the righteousness one has through faith. As little children are incapable of faith, we as a covenant community wait for them to make a decision to follow YHWH before circumcision and admission to the passover.

b. There is no existential reality for a man circumcised as a baby. He needs to experience the reality of conversion and circumcision as a means for him to publicly declare his faith in YHWH.

c. The necessity of the purity of Israel. Mass circumcision of Israelite sons encourages nominalism and loose living. As point b. shows, if there is no existential reality, no conversion, Israel will become a corrupt community mixed with believers and unbelievers. Waiting for those who make a decision to be circumcised as adults, means that only true believers will make up the covenant community."


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