Sunday, 25 January 2009

Baptistic Musings - 2

Quite topical, what with all the talk of the regulative principle for worship (RPW) on the blog these days, is the argument advanced by baptists against infant-baptism.

The argument goes, if the Reformed community are to be consistent with the assumptions under-girding the RPW, then surely they may only do that which is explicity commanded in Scripture with respect to the sacraments. Since Scripture doesn't advocate infant-baptism explicitly, the Reformed shouldn't do it.

I suppose then, that if the baptists are being consistent with this argument, they should insist upon the Reformed community forbidding women from receiving the Lord's Supper? After all, there isn't an explicit text directing women to partake at the table.


JohnGreenview said...

I suspect Nicky is simply trying to wind someone like me up with such reasoning. In fact, if RPW's are consistent then they may be inclined to exclude women from the Lord's Supper. Both conclusions clearly wacky.

Nick Mackison said...

I fully intend to wind you up John.