Monday, 1 December 2008

Really Reformed?

Big thanks to Nick for inviting me to contribute to his blog. Nick remains the owner and editor, with the right to delete anything I post. But I'll enjoy contributing thoughts on church and doctrine.

You can probably find out a little about my background quite easily. So I wont attempt a brief personal history. Suffice to write that I am training to become a minister of word and sacrament in a mainstream (= liberal?) Presbyterian church in the UK.

My first substantial posts will give summaries of selected chapters from Always Reforming: Explorations in systematic theology. I've remarked on this book in a previous blog existence.


Nick Mackison said...

Greetings to the Shed!

Anonymous said...

Are "Restless" and "Reforming" the nicknames of the two contributors?

David Shedden said...

No pressure Nick... but I've just pulled in our first dedicated blog follower. We'll need to start writing and posting decent stuff from now.