Thursday, 27 November 2008

God TV

Well we are now in the seventh or eighth week of what God TV calls "Missions Week"! It seems to be a money raising enterprise in order to help the TV station achieve its goal of reaching "one billion souls" for Christ. An admirable vision one might say, until we probe a little deeper into the gospel according to God TV.

Throughout Missions Week, God TV gets famous prosperity preachers from around the world (e.g. Benny Hinn, Steve Munsey, Dr. Mike Murdoch) to preach for one hour rolling slots throughout the day. During these preaching slots, these men encourage viewers to plant a 'seed' in God TV ministries by phoning up and pledging hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds to their cause.

They woo the gullible with promises of God giving them back 'ten fold'. Yet if God TV really believed their own theology, surely they wouldn't need to solicit cash so desperately? Prosperity evangelists trying to raise money is analogous to a deaf healing evangelist (e.g. Peter Popof - who turned out not to have a hearing aid, but a cleverly disguised radio mike through which he received 'words of knowledge' from his wife!)

Surely if God blesses the planting of 'thousand dollar seeds', God TV should lead by example and give all its money to struggling ministries in the sure knowledge that God will give unto them 'ten fold'. Of course, they don't believe this, no matter what excuses they offer for their shameless pimping of prosperity theology. They just entice Christ's poor to part with hard earned cash to fund their drive to propagate this health, wealth and prosperity message to even the third world.

The emperor is butt naked. Stop telling him he ain't.

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