Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The ESV and all that

Wayne over at betterbibles.com has serialised Mark Strauss's paper to the ETS on "Why the English Standard Version should not be the Standard English Version".

Wayne has broken the paper up into a series of bite-sized chunks and the above link refers to the first of these.

In later posts Strauss talks about the 'Oops' factor in some of the ESV translations. One of my favourite howlers is Luke 17:35 "Two women will be grinding together". It sounds like a scene from a 50 Cent video.

Throughout, Strauss juxtaposes the ESV with translations from the TNIV and, IMO, strikes a blow for functional equivalence in translation.

I like the ESV. I even have a Highland Goatskin edition by Allan's that cost me a cool £85, so I am by no means an antagonist. But come on, the bible we read from in public should not unnecessarily send teenage boys into fits of giggles.

Further, why endure reading through trawls of turgid OT narrative passages in outdated English, just so that when we get to Romans 3:25 it reads 'propitiation' instead of 'sacrifice of atonement'?

It may not be popular, but for me the Bible of the future is the TNIV. It reads the way we speak and only by hearing the word of God in a manner that is linguistically relevant will our hearts resonate and be renewed.

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